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Hong Kong Book Fair

I'm just here typing to vent out my anger.

The issue with the Hong Kong book fair is that its becoming more non book fair. Don't you think its pathetic when there are more people going to the Book Fair just to see some teenage models in skimpy outfits than people there actually buying books. I wanted to go last year, but my friend said that there isn't enough english books, and it's just not worth it. Now there's teenage models and celebrities advertising their books.

I was enraged when I heard that there are actually teenage models promoting their books, I mean it's a book convention for godsakes. Sure, their books are books, but its an annual thing, this book fair, why won't they just leave people who want to go to buy books. Now there's a bunch of teenage boys and girls just going to the book fair to take pictures with celebrities. It's a book fair! Not a meet-and-greet celebrity signing show. Apparently, while reading the newspaper, I found out that this girl had posed half naked for the first time for the books. Anyways, if they're selling teenage models half naked, they might as well sell pornography, cause there are pornography books also.

Sorry for my bad spelling, but as I said, I'm just typing to vent out my anger.
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